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Does Your Brand Create Trust?

People have brands. Companies have brands, both for products and as an employer. Even countries have brands. So what is a brand? According to Wikipedia: Brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business. The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity – it affects the personality of a product, company […]

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Spiritual Intelligence

We hear a good bit more about Spiritual Intelligence today than we did a decade ago. The term was coined in 1997 by Danah Zohar and explored in her book, “Rewiring the Corporate Brain.” With Ian Marshall, she defined Spiritual Intelligence as: “ …the intelligence that makes us whole, that gives us our integrity. It […]

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Organizational Values Drive Culture

Does your company have a set of clearly defined and clearly stated values? If not, now is the time to determine, define and declare your values. As you begin the process, keep in mind that companies don’t have values. The employees inside the company…at all levels… have the values. Values that are determined by the […]

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Employee Engagement is Energy …Not Satisfaction

Engagement is about commitment. Passionate commitment! Employee engagement is not the touchy-feely stuff or positive thinking mantras. It is not job satisfaction. Think about this…. Sometimes people are satisfied doing “nothing”. Is that what you really want? Engagement at the leadership level is paramount! Studies show that employee disengagement is four (4) times higher for […]

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Did Your Employees Quit and Forget to Tell You?

This is a take from the old saying that “people retire ON the job”, instead of “from the job.” Similarly, there is a great book titled, “I Quit… But Forgot to Tell You!”, by Terri Kabachnick. The book is about disengaged workers and it outlines the cost to U.S companies… excess of $250 billion in […]

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Is Your Pink Slip Showing?

Even if you still have your job intact you probably have a close friend or relative who is diligently looking for work. It seems almost no one is immune to the stressors of worrying about job security. Keeping yourself up-to-date in your field always makes good business and personal sense! But it makes extra special […]

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