"Uncovering Your Success Habits."

“Culture is the internal brand that ultimately affects the external brand of the company,
its services and its products.” - Judy W. Bell

Executive Coaching

An Executive Coach provides positive support, feedback and advice to help you gain confidence. It's important to have someone to ask those sensitive questions, bounce ideas around and serve as an accountability partner.

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Emotional Intelligence

Good leadership skills are available to everyone and the leadership style we adopt is a choice. This choice can even be made day-by-day, depending on our own energy level and the “fuel” used in our lives.

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Team Building

Each team member brings unique talents to the team and allows the team to collectively achieve goals, bring new products to the marketplace, or drive a retail establishment to new heights in customer service delivery!

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What Our Clients Say

"When I began working with Judy, one of my most important goals was to learn enough to be able to trust my own instincts when it came to managing my team. Judy has educated me about managing the different personality types and reinforced my existing knowledge. Just as importantly, she has proven to be an invaluable resource as I have gone through various challenging personnel situations in the time that I have known her. Having her as a resource and a sounding board alleviates much of the stress and uncertainty in these situations. I feel confident I can successfully navigate any situation with my staff and feel comfortable as the size of my team continues to grow." – S.N., Sales Manager

“Judy Bell rocks if you're looking for a Private, professional and effective Executive Coach/Counselor. It's been a very helpful, encouraging and inspiring experience. I look forward to each session because I always take something new away." – T.B., HR Manager of Large Non-profit Agency

"My time with Judy has been very beneficial. I was in a place in my life where I needed to set and achieve goals, be assertive about my feelings as well as reach my fullest potential professionally. Thanks to Judy and her experience I succeeded. I feel that I can meet the next half of my life as a self-assured, confident professional." – S.A., Sales Executive

"Judy Bell was highly recommended by one of my professional partners. I was in need of training for my Executive level staff. Judy not only provided us with valuable training, but also connected her real life professional experiences in order to give us a more in dept view and understanding of the training. Judy showed a sincere interest in our agency's mission and training needs. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to meet and connect with Judy. I have referred her to many of my Human Resources Networking Groups and I look forward to working with her in the future." – K.M., HR Manager