Executive Coaching

Have you ever dreamed of having a confidential partner to discuss professional matters? You can do that with your own Executive Coach. Ask those sensitive questions, have someone to bounce ideas around and serve as an accountability partner. An Executive coach provides positive support, feedback and advice to help you gain confidence, hone your leadership style and communicate more effectively.

Executive CoachingA strong leader means stronger and more positive bottom-line results. Allow me to help develop your communication skills, identify and strengthen your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) level and improve your leadership and management quotient! Executive Coaching is a thought-provoking and growth experience that you don’t want to miss!

Check out the engaging references from former clients…



“Judy Bell rocks if you’re looking for a Private, professional and effective Executive Coach/Counselor. It’s been a very helpful, encouraging and inspiring experience. I look forward to each session because I always take something new away. Judy’s advice is positive and constructive; it helps me to see life and experiences differently and take more control of my life as well as professional growth. Judy is open, welcomes and guide you with open arms. She listens and offers suggestions, then follow-up with you to see if her suggestions helped.”

– T.B., HR Manager of Large Non-profit Agency

“Through my work with Judy Bell, I have developed techniques that have helped me to more effectively set expectations and to deliver feedback. I have increased my awareness of and my ability to recognize opportunities to practice the new behaviors that I have learned. Judy has been particularly supportive by keeping me on track and reminding me of my successes and accomplishments; this helps me in being more prepared to take the next steps with more courage.

The opportunity to think out loud with her has helped me to gain clarity about particular problems, situations, challenges or issues that I am facing or might face in the future and to develop strategies to move forward.

It has been such a valuable experience for me, both personally and professionally, to experience her unique and effective coaching service. I found Judy’s ideas would shift my thinking outside of the box, and helped to identify creative solutions in an empowering way.

Being able to meet and talk each week has provided me with a perspective that encouraged discipline, self-respect, responsibility and inner strength to know how to handle the inevitable challenges that come with everyday problems.

I have taken this opportunity to thank Judy Bell with this testimonial because of the support, insightfulness and encouragement that she has provided on the sessions. I will continue to implement the techniques and ideas that she has helped me to develop well into the future.”

– M.D., Non-profit Executive

I am very proud to be associated with Ms. Judy Bell. Judy took an immediate interest in my personal development and crafted a unique strategy to help strengthen my management and leadership skills. I knew she was a great fit the day we met. There was instant camaraderie; no hard sell! Judy actually encouraged me to meet with other consultants before finalizing my decision. The decision was finalized before I left the room! Judy is a wonderful coach, but, more importantly, she is a true friend.

– D.L., Vice President of Service Manufacturing