Employee Engagement is Energy …Not Satisfaction

Engagement is about commitment. Passionate commitment! Employee
engagement is not the touchy-feely stuff or positive thinking mantras.
It is not job satisfaction. Think about this…. Sometimes people are
satisfied doing “nothing”. Is that what you really want?

Engagement at the leadership level is paramount! Studies show that
employee disengagement is four (4) times higher for employees who work
for a disengaged manager or supervisor. Think about the hard and soft
dollar costs of this disengagement scenario!

To ensure engagement is present at your company, make sure training
begins at the top. If you have disengaged leaders, train them up,
over, or out! The next step is to make sure your hiring decisions and
practices are driven by engagement factors. Your company and your
employees carry a brand. Can you define that brand? Is it the brand
you truly want?

Start now to determine what you will do to keep your employees engaged
and productive! This is a leadership success skill!

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