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Leadership – The Gift of Influence

Excellent leaders seem to have a natural ability to receive automatic buy-in from others. This gift of “influence” is often a combination of integrity plus charisma. When trust and admiration are in place, it is natural for others to want to follow a person or business. This is a natural form of branding. Successful leaders […]

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What is Your Energy Leadership Level?

RETURN ON ENERGY (ROE) Good leadership skills are available to everyone and the leadership style we adopt is a choice. This choice can even be made day-by-day, depending on our own energy level and the “fuel” we use in our lives through meaningful relationships, rest and relaxation, personal development, spirituality, and personal growth. An important […]

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Organizational Values Drive Culture

Does your company have a set of clearly defined and clearly stated values? If not, now is the time to determine, define and declare your values. As you begin the process, keep in mind that companies don’t have values. The employees inside the company…at all levels… have the values. Values that are determined by the […]

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Employee Engagement is Energy …Not Satisfaction

Engagement is about commitment. Passionate commitment! Employee engagement is not the touchy-feely stuff or positive thinking mantras. It is not job satisfaction. Think about this…. Sometimes people are satisfied doing “nothing”. Is that what you really want? Engagement at the leadership level is paramount! Studies show that employee disengagement is four (4) times higher for […]

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