Organizational Values Drive Culture

Does your company have a set of clearly defined and clearly stated values? If not, now is the time to determine, define and declare your values. As you begin the process, keep in mind that companies don’t have values. The employees inside the company…at all levels… have the values. Values that are determined by the employees and communicated regularly are the ones that begin to take root and ultimately become your culture.

Executive and employee alignment with the values is an integral part of a positive and healthy culture. Everyone must “walk the talk” of the values each day for all to see. How employees view the culture inside an organization ultimately determines the company’s brand, positively or negatively. It can be said that, “Culture is the internal brand that ultimately affects the external brand of the company, its services and its products.” Judy W. Bell

Let us help you define your values. We have leadership and management expertise to help develop the values that will positively impact your internal culture.

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